August 18

[A Carousel on a Slide Projector, by Lullatone]

Turns out having a baby makes it harder to keep up one’s weekly music blog. Ahem. As you might imagine, we’re still tending toward softer, doze-inducing musics over here, like the Songs That Spin in Circles record by Japan-based Lullatone, who claim on their website: “We are Lullatone, an art, music and good ideas group. We like making stuff.”  (Like… ring tones and other neat stuff.)

This song’s not only sweet and sleepy and especially easy on the ears at 3am, but the title references two excellent objects. I was almost going to write ‘inanimate objects’ but both are rather animate. 

Enjoy! Happy summer! Go eat some ice cream!

 (Thanks to pal Brett for the tip.)

July 7

[Evelyn, by  Goldmund]

Music that plays quietly well in the wee hours of the night/morning is muchly appreciated these days. Repetitive, simple, piano music that plays well in the middle of the night is especially golden. Keith Kenniff, aka Goldmund - I thank you for this (and others) lullabye.

Check out KK’s label Unseen, chock full of similiar treasures.

June 19

[All the Pretty Horses, Calexico]

It’s been a textbook-excellent weekend, and throughout it all - Calexico’s version of this traditional old lullabye has been rambling through my head. It’s part soothing, part haunting, and includes the best line ever: “When you wake, you shall have cake, and all the pretty little horses.” There are also a few less peaceful/sleep-inducing images in there - which i kind of love too.

ATPH is also the title of one of my all-time favorite books. So many reasons to admire this song! Blacks and bays, dapples and grays… Am nominating for household theme song.

June 13

[Thorn Castles, by Gardens & Villa]

A short and catchy one this week, to herald the finally sunny weather here in Chicagoland. Something to tap yr toes to, from G&V’s self-titled record out soon on Secretly Canadian. I know practically nothing about this band, except they’re from CA and put a beautiful image on the cover of the record. Musically, this isn’t earth-shattering, but then what if every offering was? Fragments, everywhere. Too much. No, here’s simply some fine music to water the garden to. To walk home eating a delicious spinach pie to. To wait and see what happens to.

Strangely enough, I just discovered they’re playing in Chicago as I type this. In another life I’d have ventured out for the show. Hey! Don’t forget to buy some music every once in awhile - recordings, shows, how about a t-shirt…keeps it all going, right?

June 5

[Black, Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi]

Prolific pop producer + talented film composer + pair of star vocalists = epic new(ish) soundtracky release Rome.  Feels share-worthy at the end of a blissfully UNepic weekend. A few highlights: perfect sleeping weather (windows open), milkshake lunch, long & unhurried talks, many hours on the couch with an excellent book that took me far away and back in time, experimental black bean summer salad. Spicy!

That’s Norah Jones singing, by the way, as if you didn’t know from the first syllable uttered. Jack White shows up a few times on the record and the recipe just…works. Plus, if you’re the type that goes for Chris Milk-designed interactive online video experiences (remember that Arcade Fire doozy?) then right this way

May 16